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Happy Food Coop

What's in our boxes

- 100% Organic

- We work with local organic growers to bring the tastiest and freshest vegetables from a close to you as possible.

- We prioritise produce from within a 50-mile radius

- We have our own organically certified farm to bring the freshest local veggies to your door

Exciting Times

Our focus has always been towards creating a business that grows the food to not only regenerate the environment in which it grows but that also enriches the community too.

Much of the previous three years has been a slow and lonely road. The idea of locally grown environmentally-conscious food was appealing to many but not prioritised or valued enough to change behaviours.

It was always going to take a shock to the system and as we live through this global changing pandemic the real value of local food is being realised. Not only for our health but also for its relationship to vibrant communities. Additionally, the fragility of our current food system has been laid bare and the importance of a strong local food network that can weather the shocks and provide food for people at all times is now evident.

These are troubling times but the awakening of people to what is truly valuable to them is promising. Especially to create a food system that works for people, communities and the planet over profits.

We are moving ahead with our plans to become a workers-owned farm that will be for the benefit of the community and establishing a Community Supported Agriculture to put you and your communities at the heart of everything we do.

All the best, Happy Food

Happy Veg Box (HFC Suffolk Limited), Bury St Edmunds, 

07592 286343 - info@happyvegbox.com