Happy Food Coop

What's in our boxes

- 100% Organic

- We work with local organic growers to bring the tastiest and freshest vegetables from a close to you as possible.

- We prioritise produce from within a 50-mile radius

- We work with new small-scale farmers to help the next generation of  growers

Emergency Relief
The veg boxes are full for now. You can be added to the waiting list and I may be able to add more capacity in the coming weeks.

We are focusing now on building up a network of suppliers and community champions to get food and other essentials to those people most in need and those self-isolating.

We have identified collecting cash as a potential barrier to people accepting help and an added risk to those who are already 'at-risk' and those who deliver to the doorstep.

There were huge numbers of people who struggled in our communities, before this pandemic, to feed and warm themselves. We need now, more than ever, to reach out to our communities and let them know that we are here for them.

You can let us know of someone in your community who needs a Community Bundle of food, or reach out if you yourself need a little support at this time.

We will never ask for money at the door. However, if you want to, and are able to, support the scheme you are welcome to provide a donation to the scheme.

All the best, Happy Food

Happy Veg Box (HFC Suffolk Limited), Bury St Edmunds, 

07592 286343 - info@happyvegbox.com