CSA | Happy Food Cooperative


We, at Happy Food, believe food is our greatest tool in creating happier, healthier and flourishing communities. Not only for us but for the planet and wildlife too.

In 2019, we started an organic market garden that goes far beyond the organic certification and aims to create a growing system that is not only able to provide vegetables that delicious, freshly delivered and extremely nutrient-dense. But also, provides habitat for our local wildlife and nurturing space for the local community.

For too long, there has been a disconnect between the food we eat and the soil that it is grown in and the people that have grown it. This chain needs to be shortened and there needs to be new visibility for where and how it is grown.

This is where Community Supported Agriculture offers a beautiful solution. A CSA member commits to the growing season on the farm - to both supporting the less abundant times of the year and sharting in the bounty of the good times.

Our CropShare members will:
- Become part of the farm - sharing in the abundance
- Have more say over what items we plant and what you get in your box
- Get priority over the produce, whilst offering the farm the stable foundation to grow
- Be committing to the farm and its future success

How will it work?
- Membership is one month's payment
- Subsequent payments will come out on Friday (the week before delivery)
- There will be no minimum term - simply two weeks notice of termination.
- You can rejoin but will be added to the waiting list.

When you join £60 (One month's boxes) - this will help towards compost, seeds, investing in irrigation, etc.
Next payment Friday before 3rd Delivery.
If you leave, the remaining £30 will be taken for your final two veg boxes.