How It Works | Happy Food Cooperative

How It Works

1. Pick your box

Once you have registered you will be able to pick a box that suits you.

Our system lets you order on a regular weekly or fortnightly basis. Although, you are welcome to amend your deliveries as you wish, as there is no minimum sign up period.

We do not ask for any payment in advance, we simply charge you after each delivery.

2. We pack your box and deliver it directly to your door

Your box is packed and delivered by your own delivery driver. This allows us to be hands-on with your orders and gives you a direct personal contact to deal with. Packing the boxes ourselves means we can ensure only the freshest vegetables are delivered to you.

We will let you know what is in the boxes at the beginning of the week and aim to be as flexible as we can. You may tell us what vegetables you want to exclude completely from your box and we are happy to try and accommodate your preferences each week.

3. You are free to enjoy all the tasty organic vegetables

You can work your magic in the kitchen to create culinary masterpieces. We aim to provide you with the best box possible, if anything falls below the standards you expect, please get in touch. We work on a 'Tell Us and We Will Replace' policy.

We are working tirelessly to get the freshest, most local, seasonal, ethical and environmentally conscious vegetables to you.